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Why GIVE THE WORLD? About Us...


LITERATURE - the loveliest language of all - capable of expressing anything and everything our minds can conceive of, in ways which go easy on the natural environment and do not cost "an arm and a leg" to access... in fact, thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web and all sorts of private and public libraries, a limitless world of discovery, adventure and fulfillment comes free of charge every time we reach for a newspaper, a journal, a book or some other form of literary publication...

By giving each other the ability to read and access to all sorts of literatures (fiction, non-fiction, verses, etc), we allow access to worlds inaccessible to those who cannot read and/or are denied entry to libraries filled with literatures in various formats.

GIVE THE WORLD is a global enterprise designed to reinvent the way we publish & perform literatures in a range of formats and languages - our publishing model is designed to be adopted by individuals and organisations all over the world.



Humanity is the only species of living being in the observable universe capable of telling stories to make sense of the world and steer the course of our evolution – Give The World at present exists to share with the world the Pearls of Polish Poetry and Prose, in English translation. Although we emerge from the very heart of the “Old Continent” as seen through “Western eyes”, we aim to inspire our species to celebrate its storytelling power and use it for the good of all living beings in our world.


In time, we hope other languages and cultures from all over the world will join us in pursuing our three Elements of Enduring Engagement:


EEE#1 / Entertain – by presenting all sorts of stories in ways which are pleasing to the senses and the intellect, we engage audiences, allowing us to...


EEE#2 / Educate – by making our programming relevant to universal human experience and useful in everyday lives, we offer audiences things which matter and are likely to hold their attention for longer than shallower forms of entertainment, allowing us to...


EEE#1 / Enlighten – once we are done entertaining and educating (making audiences feel good and giving them useful information), we escalate our engagement and ask them to consider the deeper meaning and potential of being members of the only species of living being in the observable universe capable of telling stories to make sense of the world and steer the course of our collective evolution – for the common good of all creatures large and small alive today and in the foreseeable future!


EEE#1 – Give The World Entertains through our Give The World Youtube Channel and multimedia publications designed to be pleasing to the eye, developing audiences' creative, storytelling skills.


EEE#2 – Give The World Educates through our Uni-Versal Flying College of Story, Science & Song where audiences can download lots of free educational content designed to meet the needs of learners in the 21st century.


EEE#3 – Give The World Enlightens through our Everlasting Ecobook Enterprise, a series of digital publications based on 1000 books in our our library, covering 1000 years of Central European history, featuring more than 100 of Poland's finest authors in English translation.


All of the above is provided free of charge, on the assumption that audiences will support our Give The World charity through donations.

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