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Our Warsaw Wyvern VR* Theatre provides Entertainment...


Based on Joseph Conrad Street in the Polish capital of Warsaw, our theatre is VR* – *Very Real – and features three separate spaces:


Analogue Art Space – our exhibition hall designed for creative arts and bookbinding workshops will also host a revolving programme of visual art exhibitions


Book Broadcasting Stage – our performing space is built on a bedrock of 1000 books, which we draw on for inspiration in our theatrical performances which broadcast via our Youtube Channel, including creative arts and bookbinding workshops


Computer Communication Station – this is our command center where we work and print our books, educational and promotional materials


Programme 2021/2/3


in 2020, MJ Kazmierski created the largest anthology of poetry in the world – containing 2020 classic Polish fables, songs and verses in the original Polish and English translations. 


Our Great Book of Poland – now based at the World-Wise Warsaw Wyvern Theatre established in 2021 – will be used as a resource for our performances and broadcasts - see it right here:


Launching 1.1.2022

In 2022, we will stage 365 Pearls of Polish Poetry & Song - find them all here

Winter-Spring 2022 – Classic Family Rhyming Fables in Polish and English translations


Spring-Summer 2022 – Classic Poems in Polish and English translations


Summer-Fall 2022 – Popular Songs of Stage & Screen in Polish and English translations


ALL YEAR LONG– Expanding and promoting our Uni-Versal College of Story, Science & Song & Everlasting Ecobook Enterprise... 

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