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FUNN Method of Loving Learning Languages

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The data-processing devices we now carry around in our pockets which give us access to the World Wide Web of global information exchange mean it is time for a total rethinking of what education in the 21st century means.


The quantity of learning we impose on new generations of human beings must now be replaced by qualitative models and means of providing education which teaches them how to think and to use the tools at our disposal, while machines work to provide us with all the material wealth we need to live healthy and happy lives in harmony with our surroundings


Machines can now work the land, produce all the goods we need in our homes, capable of exploring outer space as remote drones even... the one thing no robot or computer will ever be able to do is A) experience feelings about their unique experience of being alive and B) share those experiences in a wonderfully diverse range of languages – all complex, living organisms are capable of A) but only we human beings so far have evolved the capacity to express and explain what it feels like to exist and to consciously control the direction of our evolution as the most powerful beings in the observable universe – our actions affecting countless other lives at present and in the foreseeable future.


It is not enough to learn how to communicate – we must also know why we wish to use express our feelings and ideas, for individual and collective good – so in the future we may explore our apparently infinite, ever-expanding universe for the collective benefit of all creatures great and small.


This is clearly the end goal of our evolutionary journey – how we can achieve this collective Wetopia is to be seen – only by learning to listen to the stories our ancestors recorded for us in a range of formats, as well as taking the time to engage with each other in the wildly exciting times we are living in today, can we have things to say about the direction our evolution should take and take responsibility for shaping our collective futures.


The Latin word College means a community of thinkers united by a shared purpose – ours is to explore:


1 / Stories to help us understand our collective pasts,


2 / Sciences to help us understand the world we are living in today,


3 / Songs to help us understand we are here to enjoy the experience of being the most powerful beings in the observable universe – the only ones capable of expressing how and why we feel the way we do about the experience of being alive – all this in order to enjoy sharing our stories in a range of formats to help us live sane, sustainable lives in harmony with our surroundings for the benefit of all creatures great and small today and for the foreseeable future.

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