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CLASSIC SONGS performed as B.A.M.
Bilingual A'Cappella Meloration *

Bronisław BROK

  1. Warszawa Da Sie Lubić

Warszawa Da Się LubićBronisław BROK
00:00 / 06:16

Listen in English and Polish... keep listening to receive a 
Songkey** to help you get more out of our recordings. 

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  1. Androny

  2. Chrząszcz

  3. Dzik jest dziki

  4. Entliczek-pętliczek

  5. Kaczka dziwaczka

  6. Katar

  7. Księżyc raz odwiedził staw

  8. Leń

  9. Na straganie

  10. Na Wyspach Bergamutach

  11. Pali się

  12. Psie Smutki

  13. Rada puchaczy

  14. Witajcie w naszej bajce

  15. Żuk

  16. Żuraw I czapla

  17. Pchła szachrajka

10 On these Isles called BergamutsJan Brzechwa
00:00 / 03:56
7 The Moon once popped down to a pondJan Brzechwa
00:00 / 03:38

* BAM = Bilingual A'Cappella Meloration 

The human body used as an instrument to perform songs in the simplest, purest and most accessible way - in two languages: English & Polish


Songs - composed by some of the greatest writers and musicians in history - should not go in and out our ears... They should stay with us for all time, be there any time we need them to remind us of what life is about, how to deal with problems and emergencies, how to use singing and storytelling skills to help ourselves and help others in times of need - and how to celebrate in times of triumph and happiness. A WIN WIN situation! 

Songs combine words, melodies and arrangements (rhythms, structures, tempos, etc) to communicate with us in ways no simple texts, music or other tools can. Our SONGKEYs help audiences understand and use the varied wisdoms they contain in our everyday lives. 

Don't believe us? Click here to read our STORY OF SONG minibook and enjoy some of the best songs about songs and singing in the world !!! :)

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