In our time and age, we must be generous and innovative with the distribution of poems and stories, especially those in translation and aimed at young, family and developing readers who may not have access to expensive print and e-publications.


Give The World Academy – our e-publishing project focused on Polish literature and culture in English language translation – is now launching a new initiative called:




A selection of individual poems and books of poetry are now available to download free of charge from our online portal – the only thing we ask is for a voluntary donation of “One UK Pound Sterling Per Poem” made to Apart Arts, a UK based non-profit organisation which delivering migrant media projects since 2006.


Polish poems, songs and stories in English translation will be uploaded, totally free of charge, onto our Give The World YouTube Channel, where everyone can listen to them to their hearts' content from all over the world – an accessible, sustainable and innovative method of presenting literature in translation.


The Give The World Academy portal will contain a selection of text and multi-media publications, most of which can be dowloaded free of charge, as well as paid-for print and multimedia content.


Our Books & Beyond section is organised in three section lines:


GWAOS = The Give The World Open Source – visitors can instantly download PDF poems and stories, free of charge – the only thing we ask is a voluntary donation of £1 UK pound per poem or story, which helps cover our organisation's operating and our artists' living expenses.


GWAUR = The Give The World Upon Request – visitors can request PDF poems and stories, free of charge – but unlike the Open Source publications, these PDFs will come locked with passwords to prevent unauthorised distribution and pirating of content – our regular wish for a voluntary donation of £1 UK pound per poem and story is still very much welcome.


GWA VIP = The Give The World Very Impressive Publications – visitors can order books issued with ISBN numbers & printed on paper, to be posted to them as hard copies, as well as electronic and audio books which will come at regular retail prices.


By selecting from our GIVE THE WORLD ACADEMY AUTHOR LIST (see below) visitors will explore the world of Polish writing – much of it unknown to readers around the globe – and can then select either free or paid for content:.



Give the World Academy Classic Authors


Give the World Academy Contemporary Authors