At a time when paper books are expensive and hard to come by 

We have a solution which helps save 

Time, money and the environment 

How does this work?

ONE – you email us and receive a PDF attachment of the book you wish to have... 


TWO – Once you receive a printable PDF book via email from us, you choose:


DIGITAL - read on your computer, or phone, or tablet or ereader – quick, cheap, saving paper and energy 


PRINTED - use your own printer to produce the pages and bind them yourself 


Keep your EEBooks in regular ring-binder folders   


Bind them using simple techniques, like the Japanese monk ribbon binding style 

Or use more advanced techniques – like the Japanese Four-Hole Book Binding (Yotsume Toji) style, which looks complicated but is actually a lot of fun! 


You can then choose how best to decorate your covers 


And colour and illustrate the books also


Why not?

You can always print more if you like!