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A song a day keeps the darkness at bay...
Bajeczki i pioseneczki to szczepioneczki na smuteczki!

There are many different ways in which we can share stories - words, sounds, pictures, movements - books, music, art, dance, movies, games, theatre, etc

Cabaret combines all these - poems, songs, stories, sketches performed by actors who dress for the occasion on stages which have been designed and decorated nicely... Cabaret costs little or nothing at all to create, yet can make us laugh and cry, sit in stunned silence or dance about cheering with joy... It combines comedy and drama - literary, visual, musical and performing arts anyone can enjoy: the melodies touch everyone, the acting is a joy to behold, the jokes can touch hearts and hurt dictators, the staging and pacing demand careful direction - yes, a well staged cabaret is a joy to behold for all time...


I like to think of Shakespeare as the world's first modern cabaret creator - his theatre in London featured great actors performing comedy and tragedy routines, constantly entertaining audiences with superb lyrics and great stories... Shakespeare wrote “All the world's a stage” while someone else said "Life is a cabaret, old chum, come to the cabaret", so why not set up your own little performing space and make life a more entertaining and artful experience? 

How? We're here to help! 

Download free copies of our Uni-Versal Mmmagazine, use them to stage your own shows at home, school, work, theatre, arts center, hospital, care home, prison, psychiatric unit - anywhere you like - visit our YouTube channel to learn much much more - how to speak, how to sing, how to act, how to read and feel and understand and use stories and songs to enrich your lives and (in the words of the great Louis Armstrong) make the world a better place. 

Our Uni-Versal Cabaret is based on a store of 3000 songs written by artists associated with Poland and Central Europe... This is why our mmmagazineee is in two languages - Polish and English. 

But you don't have to be either English or Polish to set up your own Uni-Versal Cabaret. Anyone can do it - and if you do, share your performances with us via email or our social media networks. Drop us an email and we will add you to our list of partner projects - our hope is that in time people all over the world will stage their own Uni-Versal Cabarets! 

How do you like our logo? We chose the lime as a fruit which always goes with something else (food or drink) - I don't know anyone who eats limes by themselves.

I like to think of poetry the way I do about limes - taken by itself, poetry is nowhere near as much fun as when it is combined with music. When poetry and melody become song, the whole wide world is likely to listen, the way the whole wide world uses limes to add spice and flavor to dishes and drinks. 

The name is key too - LIME stands for Less Is More Effective... basically, to stage a cabaret you don't need big sets or expensive equipment - the less stuff you have to worry about (cameras, lights, casts, scripts, sets, etc) the more fun you have and the more fun your audiences have too...

The less you worry about resources, the more you can focus on the art, the stories, the messages - what I call the 3 Es of Everything: Entertainment, Education, Enlightenment:

Entertainment first, because once we are having fun we are more likely to learn,

Education comes next and once we really understand the world 

Enlightenment follows naturally - our minds become brilliant, illuminated, aware of what really matters in life and what we need in order to be happy. 

Think of nature programmes you see on TV - animals, birds, even fish will dance, change colour, make funny faces, bang things to make a noise or use their own voices on the ground, in the sky, under the sea - it's natural, so if the animal kingdom can stage its own live shows, so can we! 

Now, download your copies of our Uni-Versal Mmmagazineee and start - our patrons are Copernicus, Chopin, Curie-Sklodowska, Conrad & Cosmirsky - can you spot them all right here?

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