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Near a river, if you're lucky,
You can find Ms Wacky Ducky. 
Being wacky is her passion, 
in her life, her moods, her fashions. 
At a barber's, she said: “Please,
do you serve bottles of cheese?”
At a church another time 
she tried to buy a book of limes.
At a local army camp 
she tried to buy a magic lamp. 
Other ducks were going spare,
“Wacky Ducky, don't you dare!”
She would lay hardboiled eggs,
Standing on her head, not legs. 
And to spite the other ducks,
she refused to ever quack.
Her use of toothpicks for combs
made all the normal duckies groan. 
She ate some ribbon for tea
Claiming it's pasta, you see!
Swallowing coins wrapped in paper
She said she would cough them up later!
Still, our Wacky little Ducky
Always seemed to come out lucky.  
One sad day, a nasty crook
said: “Wacky Ducky I'm going to cook.”
Having plucked our little duck,  
he stuck her on an oven rack!
But as Wacky's luck would have it
She went and turned into a rabbit!
Served up with beetroot, because 
That was how wacky she was!

Translated by Marek Kazmierski 

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