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Oh, how many roads we've travelled,
and how many borders crossed.
Many storms and many blizzards,
led by lanterns, wrapped in frost.

Many letters, many partings,
heavy hours, cities rotten.
Still it's in us to do something
to save ourselves from being forgotten.

In a struggle ever coursing,
common worries, common visions,
many meals taken together,
kisses? tales? detours? decisions?
Eyes aglow like blessed candles,
lit by plans we have been plotting,
It's your heart I aim to save
from one day being forgotten.

Your arms covered in a shroud
of wild cries, the woodland calling,
stretching far above the clouds,
cross the skies see Venus falling,
And your flight and song on high,
you are stone and ice and water.
Your dark eyes I am aim to save
from one day being forgotten.


Lyrics by K.I. Gałczyński 

Translated by Marek Kazmierski 

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