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I have a quiet home, a decent home, 
My life's like in the films
A marriage, kids, but still it seems
Without you hollow dreams.   
Like in the movies, like in the movies.

My marriage dull, my kids dull too,
When you cannot be found 
And though I need to have them near 
A void swirls all around. 
And you, darling, know it well
and so you run away right now.
Because, dear God, if I could just
Turn back the clock, turn you around...
Like in the movies, like in the movies

When magic flees, time passes by,
easing the pain, so soothing.
Then you will have a home,
oh yes, life like a movie.
And you will not cry any more,
forget about me, dear
and never know that when we met
I lost my mind, I fear. 
Like in the movies, like in the movies. 

Translated by Marek Kazmierski 

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