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I know of this little doll,
They call her “Sophie Know-It-All”.
All she does, she does alone,
like a queen upon her throne!
She knows everything the best, 
wants to do it all herself, oh yes!
Even school or books or home 
teach her nothing – she's alone! 
She knows it all, knows it best,
needs no teaching, none no less!
She can't fail, she can't fall,
Because Sophie knows it all.
Let us test what she knows:
- What's two plus two, Soph?
- Eight, of course!
- And who was Copernicus?
- A king!
- What do miners dig up?
- String!
- And where is Krakow?
- In Japan!
- Does school make sense?
- No, silly, none!
- Sophie's my name, I need no help, 
can even eat breakfast by myself. 
I'll build a car, from scratch, alone,
And need no family in my home. 
Others can learn, read and ask,
Me, I'm always up to task. 
Why should others interfere
when I know best, is that clear?" 
- Sophie, you clever so and so, 
you're being silly now!
- I know! 


Translated by Marek Kazmierski 

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