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Cheeky monkey, sits there waiting, 
Hiding underneath a table, 
Seeing once her madam bathing, 
To go swimming she feels able.  
Out the bathroom madam goes; 
Crazy monkey – thar she blows! 
Having donned a shower cap, 
With some soap
On a rope - 

Boom! Under the tap. 
With the knobs she starts to fight! 
Twisting left, closing right, 
From below, up on high, 
Waters spurting from the pipe. 
Lovely - gorgeous - such a high! 
“Here is heaven,” monkey sighs. 
Tumbling, diving, twisting madly, 
Splashing badly, 
Waters frothing such a lot! 
Though heat rising, now alas... 
Rather quickly... Way too hot!... 
Our monkey is no ass, 
She will fix this in a lick: 
From a hole the waters flow? 
There a finger she will stick!
"What's that? Burning?! No, no, no!!!" 
No way to stay, 
Let's run away!  
What a chore,
Got to go, escape the heat
Out the door. 
Waters flowing, burning feet... 
Through a window... Crash! Escape! 
Our soaked ape
Ends feeling plucky - 
Best escapes are always lucky!

Translated by Marek Kazmierski 

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