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When we are apart, I don’t sigh or cry,
I don’t lose my head when you walk on by,
But if I don't see you, if you're gone awhile,
Something in me burns, some desire cries,
And suffering strange pains, I wonder thereof:
Is this only friendship, or else is it love?

When you vanish from sight, I can’t ever seem
to recall your face, like a faded dream.
However, unwittingly, it seems I do find 
That it is forever imprinted on my mind. 
And so once again I wonder thereof: 
Is this merely friendship, or else maybe love?

I've been troubled often, yet didn’t think at all
to visit your home, come baring my soul;
But wandering, lost, never minding where,
I come upon your door, hoping you'll be there,
And knocking, again I wonder thereof:
What did lead me here – friendship or else love?

For your very health, I'd give half my soul,
To give you true peace, I would sell it whole. 
Though my heart is not the possessive kind,
it would serve as home for your heart and mind. 
And so, pray tell me, what am I sick of: 
Is it only friendship, or was it always love?

Translated by Marek Kazmierski 

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