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Missing Glasses - Julian Tuwim
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Mr Hilary looks most crossed:
“My goodness, my glasses appear to be lost!”

Checking his coat, in both his shoes,
he thinks: “This loss cannot be true!”

He turns his wardrobe upside down,
still the glasses can't be found. 

“Ah, what horror, I can't believe
this isn't the work of a master thief!”

On the sofa, and below it, 
no, this loss, he can't allow it!

He looks up, and left, and right, 
but just cannot regain his sight. 

Maybe they're under the floor?
Maybe it's time to call in the law?  

In, on, under, beside his desk,
he looks everywhere, no less!

The drawers empty, as are the cupboards,
still, he must find them, on the double!

But it's the mirror which holds a surprise,
Mr Hilary can't believe his eyes.

Then he turns bright red, because 
His glasses were hiding upon his nose!

Translated by Marek Kazmierski 


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